Monday, November 3, 2008

Fun in the Sun

Hey gang, with the sunny season coming to a close and the legs getting over our last race effort enough for us to contemplate doing it all again, I thought I would throw out a quick reminder of the camps that Endurance Corner will be offering as a winter escape in 2009.

Last year’s two camps in Tucson were definitely a highlight of my year and I’m pretty psyched to have the opportunity to log some miles in the Arizona sun with some of you fine folks in 2009.

I’ve included a summary of what’s in store, along with some of my own impressions from last years camps (lifted directly from my training log) for your consideration. If my brand of good clean family fun sounds a lot like yours, be sure to drop Justin Daerr an email at Justin “at” endurancecorner “dot” com and sign up.

Endurance Corner Tucson Camp 2009

Endurance Corner, out of Boulder, Colorado, will be hosting two triathlon camps in 2009. The first camp will take place in Tucson, Arizona and will be a training-based camp open to sub-13 hour Ironman athletes (or those of equivalent fitness levels).


This camp takes place from Sunday, March 29, 2009 to Sunday, April 5, 2009 (training from Monday the 30th to Saturday the 4th). The camp is designed to help jump start your cycling into the 2009 season with run and swim options offered every day as well.
The 2009 Camp includes:

*A century ride to Madera Canyon

*A summit ride of Mt Lemmon (nearly 6000 feet of vertical gain)

Big A’s Log: “Goal was to "Poker pace it", roll-out easy, 0-10mi of the climb steady, 10-20mi of the climb MH. Went totally according to plan apart from my jump on the G-train as they rolled past. Bailed out when I hit threshold HR (@ ~340W!!) Didn't hurt me too bad. Recovered well, downed a coke and hit Miles 10-20 pretty hard. Descended pace and effort
Roll out (Udall Park) to Base: 16:33 (129/143)
Mile 0-6 43:56 (142/160)
Mile 7-8.5 7:37 (170/175) G-Train (G, Mat, JD. G was at 342W, HR 154 from 4000-5000ft!! Stayed until HR popped over 175
Mile 8.5-10 12:15 (151/169)
First Half: 1:03:52
Second Half (to mile 20), Mod-Hard: 1:01:32 (152/164)
To Van (rolling): 5:50 (145/157)
Descent: 48:26 (118/148) Recovery
Back to Udall Park (riding JD & G's wheel) 18:12 (135/151) Steady”

*Rides over Gates Pass from both summit directions

*A 55-mile route beginning in Oro Valley

Big A’s Log:“Decent ride. Woke up with a sore throat and thought I might be getting sick. Had a great swim (see above) though and was feeling OK for the bike. Got a big gas bubble in the early part of the bike that wouldn't quit so that was a bit painful. Probably the result of slamming 2 cokes before heading out mixed with a bit of mucus. Group was rolling steady as we pushed out but rollers slowed Chris and David up to my recovery pace so I stopped to take a pee. Unfortunately it was just before a downhill into a headwind so I had to TT at mod-hard for quite a bit (about 10mi) to catch them. Then dropped back to steady after I saw them. Rest of the ride, excepting the Gates Pass climb was easy (A1). Good basic training day without too much stress. Should stand me in good stead for a 20hr bike week!”

*A long run in Saguaro East Park

*A century ride including the epic 12-mile climb to the observatory atop Kitt Peak

Big A’s log: “Solid day. Taylor, Matt and Chris had mechanicals so I wound up pacelining with them to the climb. Mainly upper steady with a touch of mod-hard. Then when we got to the climb, hit it hard with Taylor. Very hard!!
Plan was to go 160-170bpm for first 6mi then 170-175 to the top. Didn't totally work out that way. Had a few surges over 170 in the first 6 (Taylor said that I almost shook him, which is no small feat considering his power:weight!!). Tried to pick it up at the top but only held the 170-175 for a while before I had to drop back and Taylor pulled away. I think the 170 is a good OBLA estimate right now.
45:16 (148/165) Paceline 286 to Kitt Peak Rd (16.09mi)
1:08:08 (167/175) Climb (12.22mi +3500ft) 301W
30:41 (109/169) Descent. Gusty!! (12.22mi)
44:26 (146/163) Paceline back to 286. Headwind. (16.09mi)
Pretty tired by the time I got to the sportsmobile. Solid end to a solid week.
Note: Dr. J: 1:13
JD 1:01 (300W)
Same wattage at ~13lbs less bodyweight”

Coaches attending the camp will include:

Gordo Byrn: Author, Sub 8:30 IM finisher, Ultraman World Champion, and founder of Endurance Corner.
Alan Couzens: Exercise Physiologist, Coach, Athlete.
Kevin Purcell: Triathlon Legend! World famous Coach and Athlete (Kona qualifier)

Jeff Shilt: Sports Doctor, Coach, and Athlete (Kona Qualifier)

Justin Daerr: Pro Triathlete and Camp Director

Where will I stay?

Athletes will be staying at the Hotel Arizona (double occupancy) from Sunday March 29th until Sunday April 5th. Athletes may request a single occupancy room for an additional fee.

What will I eat?

All meals from the evening of March 29th until the morning of April 5th will be provided for athletes attending the camp at Hotel Arizona. For the days we are on the road we will have lunch provided on site.

What if I have bike problems?

Professional Mechanics from Wheels on Wheels (WoW) will be on hand to help assist with any on-road problems as well as CLEANING your machine each day after you ride. All bikes will be stored and secured each evening by WoW and will be ready for you each morning at the designated roll out time. You just need to fill up your water bottles each morning and we will take care of the rest.

What about daily sports nutrition?

Endurance Corner will provide sports bars and sports drinks before each ride. Nutrition will also be available in all sag vehicles accompanying your daily rides.

What does it cost?

$2,350.00 covers everything, but your flight to Tucson. A $500.00 deposit will secure your spot until January 1, 2009.

If you have any questions please email them to: justin at endurancecorner dot com. You can also see this message on Justin's cool blog at:

Stay tuned next week for an article on applying Daniels Running Formula to Ironman events.

Until then...

Train sunny :-)


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